Thursday, 19 September 2013

Review of Endless

Endless by Amanda Gray
Title: Endless
Author: Amanda Gray
Page count: 384
First sentence: The Ouija board was a bad idea.

My ReviewEndless is a fantasy/sci-fi/romance book. It shows that love lasts forever and soulmates will always find each other.
The reason I read this book is because I had just gotten an account on Netgalley so I decided to choose a book that I could automatically get. The cover is amazing and makes the book look so delicate and beautiful.
The main plot is for Jenny to uncover the secrets of a mysterious music box found in her friend Ben's attic. Through the music box she comes to find out about her soul-mate, where he comes from, and what her role in the past was.
I liked Jenny because she's really straight-up with everyone and she trusts Ben from the start, even though he didn't like her. I like how she's kind to her dad and how she's helpful and loyal to Tiffany. I didn't like Jenny because she never thought about how Ben felt before she found Nikolai, and she just expected everyone to help her keep Nikolai safe.
I liked this book because it has a touch of the supernatural in it, and because the romance was sweet. I also liked it because Ben and Jenny didn't end up together, although there was a love triangle. I didn't like it because it was obvious there was going to be some instant romance, which was stereotypical, and it was obvious that Ben was going to have some feelings. I didn't like how Ben and Jenny don't get along at the start, but how they're best friends at the end. It just really annoyed me because that's what usually happens, and I like unusual shocking things to happen that don't usually happen.
The book is going to be published this year. It's from Netgalley so it's not yet published.
Overall, I recommend this book to people who want an interesting romantic read, with also a bit of cliffhangers.
I give it a 4/5.