Monday, 13 August 2012

Review of Berlin Olympics

Details about the book:
Title: Berlin Olympics
Series: My Story
Author: Vince Cross

My Review
Berlin Olympics is a fictional story of an Olympic Swimmer in the Berlin Olympics in 1939. Some of the main character's competitors really went to the Berlin Olympics in 1939, so you learn a little about them.
The reason I read this book was because I find historical fiction fascinating, and I love to read about the times before I was born. It takes place in Britain in 1935-1936 and also in Berlin when the main character and her best friend compete in the Olympics.
The main plot is for the main character to become a good enough swimmer to compete in the Berlin Olympics.
The main character is a 14-15 year old girl called Ellie Rhys Davies, and she is very true to herself. She always speaks her mind, and I think that's what made her a very strong character in my mind. She also stood up for herself and was a very mature character.
The thing I didn't like about this book was the short length; only 155 pages. But I did like how it was all written as a diary, and we saw things from Ellie's perspective, and how she thought of things, how she reacted to certain news. I liked the way I also gained some insight to the Berlin Olympics before the Second World War stopped the next 3 from existing.
This book was published this year, and I found it quite educational, also because Ellie's best friend Sarah was a Jew, so I saw a little bit more into how Hitler treated Jews.
Overall, I really enjoyed it. It's recommended for those who like historical fiction. I give it a 4/5.

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