Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Review of The Spook's Blood

Details about the book:
Title: The Spook's Blood
Series: The Wardstone Chronicles (recently renamed the Last Apprentice)
Number in series: 10
Author: Joseph Delaney
Page count: 275
First sentence: The Spook was perched on a log in his garden at Chipenden, the sun singing through the trees and the air bright with birdsong.

My Review:
The Spook's Blood is a medieval fantasy book.
The reason I read this book is because I had already started the series after being recommended it, and I just loved it, so I've followed the books and looked forward to the new releases for a long time.
The main plot is for Tom, the Spook's apprentice, to destroy Siscoi, the old god who the witches are trying to raise. He does this by persevering with hardship, the long nights and the horror.
Tomas Ward, a 15 year old who turns 16, is a Spook's apprentice, and being a Spook's apprentice means not having many friends, having people cross the road when they see you, having people become scared of you, but it's all for a good cause; to fight the denizens of the dark, the demons that cross through. I like Tom because I feel I can relate to him because I'm only a year younger than him, and I would never be able to do all that he does. I don't like him because he always thinks what other people would think of him before he does anything.
I didn't like this book because it was too short! It needed to be longer! :( And also because it seemed like the least action-packed book in the series. I loved this book because it was the kind of story I like; dark, creepy, gory and suspenseful. It kept me thinking, and gave me shocks at times.
The book was published this year.
Overall, this book is definitely recommended, more so to guys than girls, but yeah...
I give it a 5/5.

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