Monday, 3 September 2012

Review of Tricks

Details about the book:
Title: Tricks
Author: Ellen Hopkins
Page count: 626
First sentence: Eyes tell stories but do they know how to craft fiction?

My Review
Tricks is a realistic fiction book about the use of drugs, alcohol, sexualities and prostitution.
The reason I read Tricks is because I like the longness of it but the lack of words, which means I read it really fast. I've also read all of her books, which means I'm just waiting on her latest, Tilt, to come out.
The main plot is for the 5 main characters to find their feet again, and forgive those they've hurt in the process of their journies.
There were 5 main characters in this book, and each told the story through their eyes. Each chapter would swap people. I liked Seth because he came out to his dad, rather than keeping it a secret, but I dislike him because he wants his own way all the time, and expected his dad to accept it. I liked Whitney because she believes in true love, but I dislike her because she goes into drugs and prostitution, and runs away for the boy she 'loves'. But then they break up. I liked Cody because he'd do anything to get money to help his family, but disliked him because he gambled all the money away and he doesn't help Cory, his 13 year old brother, get off the booze. I liked Ginger because she helped run her family, and protected her half-siblings from their abusive mother, but I disliked her because she ran away from the responsibility with her boyfriend. I liked Eden because she is Catholic and believes in God, and she'd do anything for true love, but I disliked her because she resorted to sex with her house-father as her last way to freedom after being sent to an isolated Catholic rehabilitation home in the middle of nowhere.
I liked this book because of the way it was written, in verse, because it's different to what I'd normally read.
I disliked it because all of Ellen Hopkins's books, in my opinion, are the same, all about drugs and teen trouble.
The book was published in 2009.
Overall, it's recommended but not a best read.
I give it a 4/5.


  1. I've read "Crank" and "Glass: from Ellen Hopkin, and I agree that the books get kinda boring cause all they're about is drugs. I'm so glad you decided to review one of Ellen's books!!! :) "Go Ask Alice," is about drugs too.

  2. Ah that's cool. I'm reading it soon. I got it from the library when you recommended it. :D

  3. And if you've read Crank and Glass, you need to red Fallout! It's the third one, about the perspectives of Katerina's (or is it Katherine's?) kids! The first one's Glass, then Crank then Fallout.

  4. Okay! I'll put that on my too-read list! :)

  5. Yeah! And I'm reading Go Ask Alice at the moment! It's a really quick read and interesting!